Amala Ayurveda Hospital

The Ayurveda Hospital started in 1982. The hospital has specialised treatments for all types of rheumatic disorders, bronchial and allergic asthma, diabetic mellitus and certain immuno defficiency diseases.

A team of highly qualified and experienced Ayurvedic Doctors and paramedical staff are providing treatment and care.

The Ayurveda Hospital has 60 beds, and offers Panchakarma Therapy and special Kerala treatments like Pizhichil, Navarakizhi, Thailadhara, Pathrapadaswatham, Choornakizhi, Balukaswatham, etc, to patients suffering from hemiplegia, paraplegia, facial paralysis, rheumatoid, arthritis, etc.
A fully equipped Panchakarma theatre has been constructed to give these treatments.

The hospital also offers special health resort cottages namely, "Ayurveda Bhavan " for international and domestic patients who seek rejuvenative and curative therapy. These air-conditioned facilities are well furnished with all modern necessities.
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About Amala Ayurveda Hospital

Location: Thrissur, Kerala, South India
Opened: all year
Accommodation: single, double, other
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