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Ayuryog, the Kerala Ayurvedic Centre also known as Kottakkal Ayurveda Clinic is a unique health care centre in Gujarat providingAyurvedic treatments and panchakarma therapies.
Established in 1998, the centre was the first of its kind in Vadodara to offer therapies such as abhyangam (synchronised body massage), shirodhara (for neurological disorders , insomnia,migraine and stress), shirovasti (benefecial for strokes and hypertension), navarakkizhi (for nervous rejuvenation and skin care) pizhichil (useful for arthritis and body rejuvenation) and udvarthanam (for weight loss). Apart from these, panchakarma therapies such as vaman, virechan, vasti and, nasyam are also available here. Apart from common health problems, chronic ailments such as arthritis, back pain, sciatica, sinus, respiratory disorders, skin diseases including psoriasis and gastrointestinal disorders are also treated here. The centre also provides for various stress relieving treatments. A full time resident physician offers guests advice on what therapies would suit their needs and requirements.

Srikant Nair, the owner of the spa also offers free online consultation with his panel of Ayurvedic physicians from Kerala through their website.

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About Ayuryog the Kerala Ayurveda

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat, North India
Opened: all year
Services:treatment, sports/fitness
Accommodation: none
Food: none
Address:50/321 Ellora Park, Atmajyoti Road, Opp. Tejas Vidyalaya, Subhanpura
Links: Homepage

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