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cancer treatment through ayurveda

Divyajot Ayurvedic Research Foundation has been researching and treating major diseases such as cancer and kidney failure since 1978. Headquartered in central Ahmedabad with an ashram 30kms away at Vehlal, we have served more than 16000 patients with all types of cancer and diseases.

This institute is unique in it’s own kind. At DARF diagnosis is done on the basis of Allopathic methods and Ayurvedic guidelines. Treatment is given purely on Ayurvedic lines of treatment.

All treatment is given under the guidance of Shree Shree Maa. Treatment includes spiritual healing as well as, medicinal applications, diet therapy is also an integral part of the treatment.

Service to humanity is service to God, to see omnipresent God in the form of the patient who has come to seek treatment, there by giving us an opportunity to serve God and find the path of liberation from this binding life of sin and sorrow, is the central principle of the institute, keeping this in mind people from different walks of life contribute their time and energy to the institute on honorary basis.

The Ahmedabad hospital has surgical, physiotherapy, panchkarma, pathology lab and other facilities. The 30-acres ashram at Vehlal, has herbal plantation where medicines are grown and prepared, as well as facilities for both out-patient and in-patient treatment.

We conduct Ayurveda treatment for cancer camps, and are very proud to announce a short term certificate course of Ayurveda for those are interested in learning Ayurveda as a vocational course. This is a 6-week course conducted at our ashram. Please see web site for details and email us at education@ayurveda-cancer.org for an application.

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About Divyajot Ayurvedic Research Foundation

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