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Jiva has been organizing Ayurvedic educational and training programs for a decade now. We have trained over 10,000 individuals who ranged from experienced Ayurveda practitioners to devout Ayurveda enthusiasts with very limited knowledge of the science.

Dr. Partap Chauhan, Jiva’s Ayurveda Director, is a widely-travelled Ayurvedic doctor, who has conducted numerous workshops and training programs worldwide. Through his interactions with Ayurveda practitioners from across the globe, he has gained a vivid understanding of what students look for in an Ayurvedic course.

Based on his experiences and expertise, he has created customized programs that can cater to the sensibilities of international learners. Moreover, he has trained a group of doctors in Jiva, who conduct these courses with an irrefutable passion for imparting Ayurvedic knowledge.

Jiva’s Ayurvedic courses have shaped the careers of many successful Ayurvedic professionals around the world or simply helped people learn to lead a healthy, balanced life in harmony with Ayurvedic principles. Choose from the vast array that includes online, professional, beginners’, customized and weekly intensive programs.

Note: Jiva Ayurveda courses are offered at the main campus in Faridabad as well as at other venues throughout India and abroad. The courses range from a few days to a few weeks or more. Course topics range from specific ayurveda topics to general practitioner training.
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