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Kerala Ayurveda Center

The Kerala Ayurveda Center offers services and educational programs to support people in their process of living their lives more in accordance with their own natures and with nature that exists all around us.
We offer traditional ayurvedic health consultations, nutritional counseling, ayurvedic herbs and herbal preparations, panchakarma and other rejuvenating therapies (abhyanga, shirodhara, nali swedana, marma therapy etc.), as well as therapeutic massage & Kalaripayattu treatments for the well being of the individual. We also give courses, and our aim is to spread the wisdom of this ancient science.
The center has opened in 1994, and since then gave its services to many people from all over the world. Under the supervision of master Pramod Gurukkal, a team of both man and woman practitioners, give all the variety of services.

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  • Auroville, Tamil Nadu, South India
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  • Address: Unknown,
  • Kerala Ayurveda Center, Tamil Nadu
  • Website
  • Pramod Gurukkal,
  • Phone: +91.4132622420

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